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Tackling VAT Fraud VAT fraud is a global phenomenon that can involve vast sums of money. Some of the measures aimed at combating VAT fraud undermine the fundamental design features of the tax, whereas others do not. In this article, the author gives an overview of various anti-fraud measures and supports the adoption of specific

Investigation into overseas sellers failing to charge VAT on online sales What this investigation is about 5 5 HMRC is responsible for collecting and enforcing payment of VAT. In 2015-16 net VAT revenue totalled 116 billion, with a tax gap which HMRC estimated to be 12.2 billion (about 10% of total VAT that should have been collected).

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The amount of evaded VAT was estimated at around 30 million. Let’s see how the VAT criminals proceed. How does the carousel fraud work. In the carousel or VAT fraud, a fraudster import goods VAT-free. He sells the goods to a company controlled by an accomplice and charges him the VAT tax.

Through carousel fraud, also called missing trader intra- community value-added tax (VAT) fraud, fraudsters import goods VAT-free from other countries, then sell the goods to domestic buyers.

VAT Carousel Fraud is the common name for "Missing Trader Intra-Community" VAT Fraud. In summary, this fraud arises from the fact that sales of goods between EU member states are effectively VAT free since the introduction of the European single market on 1 January 1993.

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Carousel fraud is a complex and lucrative crime involving fraudulent traders (often from several companies) acquiring goods free of VAT from Member States. In many cases, the goods are small but high-value items, such as computer equipment.

Carousel fraud sounds quite jolly, conjuring up images of painted horses and Victorian merry-go-rounds.. Life is a carousel of fraud and the people involved can be clever and very dangerous.