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Sharp-tipped self-tapping screws drill their own holes in softer wood and plastic. However, it is helpful to drill a pilot hole when working with harder material. When drilling a pilot hole, make sure to use a smaller bit than the screw so it may still serve its purpose.

m3 screw diameter Many of the small M3 bolts that come with the Simple differ in length only by 5mm. Even better, open the bag of bolts and separate them into cups or baggies by size. It’ll save you. turns an item.

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That’s one instance where tapping screws are ideal. Tapping screws are considered externally threaded fasteners that "tap" their own mating threads in metallic and non-metallic (such as plastic) materials. Some screws require a hole (exact hole size is often important), while others drill their own hole ("self drilling").

A hint for reusing self tapping bolts without reaming out the hole. When reinserting self tapping bolts, apply a light pressure and *slowly* turn.

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Self-Tapping Screws Schematic Head Style Description Applications/ Advantages Bugle A countersunk head with a flat top surface and a concave underhead bearing surface. Designed specifically for use in drywall. Distributes bearing stress over a wider area than flat heads. Pan Slotted pan heads have a flat or gently rounded top