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English indie-psych rockers Whyte Horses have released their latest single, a cover of “Tocyn” by the Welsh prog-rock band.

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Only plastic rocker panel you can buy would be the body panels from a Silverado SS, but be prepared to spend more than the truck is worth. The covers can be modified to fit better than the pictures show (you could bend them tighter, then rivet them in instead of bolting), or weld in a set of steel replacements.

Mike Roen installs the Harley rocker box cover gasket in the correct location. You will need a little blue Loctite on the cover bolts to help keep them in place. Make sure the gasket stays in place, run the bolts down snug and then torque to spec. Be careful not to damage the chrome surfaces. Same for the Rear

Rocker Cover Spacers When installing roller rockers, stud girdles and large diameter valve springs and retainers there can some times be problems with clearance with your rocker cover hitting the top or side of your rocker cover. Aussiespeed have a range of 6mm and 10mm CNC cut rocker cover spacers to suit many different engines.

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A rocker cover can leak oil while the engine is running, but not while the engine is stopped. Valvetrain action at high revolutions will spew forth a great deal of oil, yet leak little at idle, or none at rest.

For this restoration video ive decided its about time to start refreshing the engine bay on my 1992 MAZDA mx-5 eunos roadster ( MIATA) and where better to start than the rocker cover.

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Ramli Sarip, the 67-year-old veteran rocker from Singapore, stole the show at the New Year’s Eve Mediacorp countdown show,

If you’re a graphic designer/punk rocker/illustrator/painter/wannabe superhero well, this is interesting. Some of the questions below are very common: ” Where the.

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