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Distributor & importer of threaded fasteners & anchors for construction & industrial applications. Fasteners include nuts, bolts, screws, washers, clamps, couplings, hinges, lags, inserts, rivets,

A Better Service to Rivet Users HANSON RIVET has been serving rivet users since 1929. During this time, Hanson has become the leading supplier of aerospace and commercial rivets and riveting equipment in the country. We service numerous industries and all types of manufacturers, large and small.

plastic bolts uk Plastic Components. Plastic is an excellent fastener option as it offers low weight, low price, and no corrosion. Our durable, high-strength plastic fasteners that are used extensively in industrial manufacturing and in the automotive industry.size 8 screw in mm m 1.8 0.35 1.45 53 1.55 1/16 1.90 49 2.00 5/64 m 2 0.45 1.55 1/16 1.70 51 2.10 45 2.20 44 0.40 1.60 52 1.75 50 m 2.2 0.45 1.75 50 1.90 48 2.30 3/32 2.40 41 m 2.5 0.45 2.05 46 2.20 44 2.65 37 2.75 7/64 m 3 0.60 2.40 41 2.60 37 3.15 1/8 3.30 30 0.50 2.50 39 2.70 36 m 3.5 0.60 2.90 32 3.10 31 3.70 27 3.85 24

Molybdenum rivets. Fasteners; AN, AS, MS, NA, NASM, ordinance, military spec. aerospace, aircraft & commercial components, hardware & fasteners; bolts, screws, nuts, inserts, in every materials, size.

If your chain isn’t already broken, then you will need to separate it using a chain rivet extractor. If your chain is.

The Rivet Nut Installation Instruction Video shows you how to install the rivet nuts for your MetalCloak body armor using the bolt and stripped nut combination tool we provide you in your kit.

Rivets for All Applications. With our extensive selection of rivets, it’s easy to find the perfect option for your application. From standard solid rivets and blind rivets to more specialized varieties like brake lining rivets and section rivets, we offer durable, high quality rivets in all shapes and sizes.

Fastenal offers same-day service on thousands of construction and industrial supplies. Local source for millions of MRO, OEM, and Safety items. Vending and managed inventory solutions provider.

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Trailer bolts, screws and rivets. Latest posts. AXLE PLACEMENT & TONGUE WEIGHT The foundation to every great Trailer, its Axles! If you find yourself looking to upgrade,

Steel rivets are soft, between 30-50K psi material. My experience is that a rivet will remain tight in any application, long after a similar size bolt has loosened. To ask which is stronger, is a poor question, it all depends on application. Huck bolts have replaced rivets in HD Truck frames, and proven far better than regular threaded bolts.

RIVNUT blind rivet nuts and RIVSTUD blind rivet studs reliably join thin-walled components.. Highly resilient. RIVNUT creates load-bearing nut and bolt threads on thin walls where cut threads are unsuitable. A range of models and sizes provides the perfect solution for every application.

Blind Rivet Nuts – Blind Rivets, Brass Molded Insert, Standard & Specialty Brass Inserts, american blind rivet Nuts, rohs compliant products. bolt products Inc. is an authorized distributor of Sherex Products and offers a full range of blind rivet nuts. Contact Bolt at 800-423-6503 or inquire online.