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I have been looking with very little luck for a comprehensive bolt torque standards table that includes nylock nuts and bolts. What little I could find had some vague notes about adding 5 in-lbs for.

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Nyloc nut A nyloc nut , also referred to as a nylon-insert lock nut , polymer-insert lock nut , or elastic stop nut , is a kind of locknut with a nylon collar insert that resists turning. The plastic insert is placed at the end of the nut, with an inner diameter (ID) slightly smaller than the major diameter of the screw.

A locknut, also known as a lock nut, locking nut, self-locking nut, prevailing torque nut, stiff nut or elastic stop nut, is a nut that resists loosening under vibrations and torque. Elastic stop nuts and prevailing torque nuts are of the particular type where some portion of the nut deforms elastically to provide a locking action.

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Nylon element nuts, commonly called Nylocs, work by elastic deformation of the nylon portion of the nut against the male thread. Nyloc nuts interference fit prevents loosening under vibration and may also provide some damping. PitStopUSA.com carries steel and stainless steel nyloc nuts in a variety of sizes including thin nyloc nuts that have the same features as standard size nyloc nuts and.

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Nylon insert locking nuts with metric threads to DIN 985 and DIN 982 in steel and stainless steel, this is the full range of metric. Nylon insert nuts to American specification with all the different types and a dimensional comparison page.

Using nylock nuts on the bed leveling posts will keep the level in-tune longer which will give you more consistent first layer adhesion. Print at 50% fill for strength. Print four thumbwheels.

Nylon lock nuts differ from a standard hex nut in that they have a nylon insert secured within the nut. The nylon insert is located in a tapered section located at the back of the nut. When you install the nylon lock nut onto a bolt or threaded stud, the nylon insert wraps around the threads and locks the nut in place.