No 8 Screw Diameter mm

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Remove the six Torx #9 screws from the rear cover and gently pry the rear cover away a few mm from the unit. It’s the perfect size for the USB-C port and has the added bonus of not needing to cut.

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And #8 x 3" screw refers to an imperial no 8 gauge diameter (about 4.2mm in metric) wood or self tapping screw which is 3 inches long. Therefore there is a great difference in actual diameter and type of thread between the two screws; the #8 woodscrew actually being close to half the size in diameter than the metric screw is.

Clearance and pilot holes for wood screws . As the upper part of the shanks of wood screw are unthreaded, clearance holes should be drilled in the top piece of timber, this will allow the timber to be pulled tight onto the underlying surface.

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METRIC CONVERSIONS Diameter/Decimal/Metric Chart for Small Diameters Gauge or Diameter Decimal (in) mm No. 0000 0.021 .53 No. 000 0.034 .86

MARYLAND METRICS THREAD DATA CHARTS UNC, UNF, & UNEF Thread ANSI B1.1 Click here to return to the thread data chart page index.

A #8 screw size is .164 fraction of an inch. The diameters listed in the chart below are in fractions of an inch, so the #12 is just shy of 1/4 inch. A more detailed table with thread count can be found below, along with tap drill sizes.

Understanding Screw Sizes – inch standards screws with a diameter smaller than 1/4" have a nominal size indicated by a number (e.g. #8 or #10). 1/4" and larger diameters are shown as inches. The diameter refers to the major diameter, or outside edge, of the threads. If the screw size includes a dash with a number following it, that is the.