Loctite Motorcycle Bolts

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I loctite my bolts now on all of my bikes when installing rotors just to make sure that they have a little better hold on them. I do check them periodically though and some loosen even with loctite. I’ve had bolts loosen and you can hear it, your brakes will squeal and the lever will usually feel a little different.

Loctite is an adhesive that you add to the threads of nuts and bolts to keep them from loosening and falling out. It comes in two types, blue and red. Use the blue for a light hold meaning you can.

Motorcycles are hellbent on breaking themselves apart. The vibrations caused by the pulse of their cylinders and miles of punishing asphalt both work to undo all the carefully torqued fasteners.

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Motorcycle. mm bolts in the hardware kit and then put a washer and Nylock nut on the back side. This helps to firm up the bracket but it’s still not as tight as I’d like – I can move the light.

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Motorcycles are hellbent on breaking themselves apart.. purple loctite threadlocker 222 is made specifically for small fasteners, formulated.

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Loctite Threadlocker 277 is a high strength adhesive for locking and sealing large bolts and studs 1" (25 mm) or larger in diameter.

Blue loctite on rotor bolts, adapter frame bolts, caliper bolts, and pedal pins. Limit screws as well but most of those come from the factory with threadlocker. Antiseize on everything else. Stem bolts, seatpost binder bolts, headset preload bolt, bottom bracket threads, pedal threads, derailleur threads. Torque wrench on most of them.

RED has so many threadlockers from lightweight 221 to heavy duty 271 (which ive seen in stores and is super strong and not really for many bolts on a motorcycle at all) Heres a link for all the info, I recomend when looking at the "red or blue" you check the number, one of the best all around is 242 and is blue in color, you can use that on.

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