How to Measure Bolt Diameter

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To measure the diameter of screws and bolts, you measure the distance from the outer thread on one side to the outer thread on the other side. This is called the major diameter and will usually be the proper size of the bolt. You can also measure from the bottom cavity of the threads from one side to the other to find the minor diameter.

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Use the first number to figure out the diameter of the threads. The first number shows you the major diameter or the diameter of the grooves on the screw shaft. In the Unified Thread Standard (UTS) system, manufacturers list the diameter size as a number between 0 and 10, with 0 being the smallest and 10 being the largest.

The diameter of a hex bolt is the Shank Diameter, expressed in inches for inch (US) bolts and in millimeters for metric bolts. Because this is approximately the same as the Major or Thread diameter the thread diameter measurement can be used for fully threaded bolts. Machine Screws Machine screws are measured in the same way as hex bolts above.

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How to measure bolt circle diameter (BCD) Bolt Circle Diameter or BCD is the diameter of the circle that goes through the center of all of the bolts on your chainring. On bicycle chainring this dimension is usually measured in millimeters. It is critical to know the BCD of your crankset when you are selecting a new chainring for your bike. In.

Note: With some fasteners, the terms bolt and screw are frequently used. Fasteners diameter is measured either as a size number or as a direct measurement.

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Out-of-position anchor bolts occur when the measured deviation or variation from the specified location or alignment exceeds the specified construction tolerance. To avoid schedule delays and costs.

Guide to Fastener Sizes. understanding standard size dimensions. The Size Dimension pertains to diameter of screws, bolts, & pins and inner diameter of nuts and washers. You may search for your product based on diameter by selecting a measurement on the Size dropdown.

A Toggler Toggle Bolt Drywall Anchor with quarter-inch-diameter bolts (10 for $11.98 at Lowes. With a carpenter’s level, draw a level line on the tape. Then measure between the holes in the shelf.