how to calculate spanner size for a bolt

how to calculate spanner size for a bolt

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Best Answer: The link below has a useful chart for comparing spanner sizes (a wrench in the USA) and common nut/bolt use. There is also a Jaw Size Table, but I think you should read the page for advice (it would probably win the "most boring web page" on the Internet competition).

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spanner size vs nut size. Thread. Glengrimley. Dec 3, 2007 #1 ever wondered what size nut an M12 was? or what nut to buy for a bolt that takes a 17mm socket? heres a quick list of the main ones:. if you are the sort of person who has to refer to a chart/ table of sizes before picking up a.

Tightening using the Bolt Head or Nut.. For such a joint, when the nut face and bolt head sizes have the same diameter and finish, it will not matter whether the bolt head or the nut is tightened. Some people believe that by tightening the bolt head rather than the nut it will affect the torsion in bolt shank.

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How to calculate spanner size regarding bolts and nuts 4 people found this useful What size is the axle nut on a 2000 S10? if 2000 and above, it should fit between 34mm to 36mm depending on axle.

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How to determine Size of Wrench Formula – Pipingweldingndt. Piping,Welding,Non Destructive Examination-NDT Common Piping Angles and their Solutions,Known and Unknown Angles and Angle Chart,Solving.

Sometimes, bolt manufacturers give you a clue about the correct wrench size to use with their bolts right on the package. Many times, however, you do not have this information handy. Either way, you have some practical methods at your disposal to determine the wrench size for a given bolt.

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