alloy wheel bolts

alloy wheel bolts

The high cost of alloy wheels makes them attractive to thieves; to counter this, automakers and dealers often use locking lug nuts or bolts which require a special key to remove. Most alloy wheels are manufactured using casting, but some are forged. Forged wheels are usually lighter, stronger, but much more expensive than cast wheels.

Wheel bolts and nuts, which are also known as lug nuts, fulfil a crucial role in your car: keeping the wheels on! Available in a variety of shapes and sizes for different vehicles, these simple components ensure your wheels stay securely attached mile after mile.

LA Wheel and Tire offers 7000+ factory and aftermarket wheels in stock.. We have been in business since 1999, and have a collective 60+ years of experience in the wheel and chrome plating industry.

Over the years I have seen alloy wheels come off, lug bolts loosen up and other situations where you can not get the allow wheel off the hub once all the bolts are out. Here is a quick 3 minute.

It is very important to use the proper manufacturer recommended wheel torque when you install your wheels. Learn more about proper wheel torque specifications at BOLT 17"BASE / EV 2018 – 2018 Refer to owner’s manual ft-lbs C10 2WD / 235/75R15 1967 – 1970 80 ft-lbs C10 2WD.

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Wheel fastener tightening. Never use an impact gun to remove or install threaded fasteners when dealing with custom alloy wheels. The reason to avoid using an impact gun during removal is simply to avoid scratching the fastener pockets of the wheel.

Alloy Steel Hex Countersunk Wheel Bolts. Previously Purchased Item. Alloy Steel Hex Countersunk Wheel Bolts are designed to be inserted through the wheel into a threaded hole in the axel hub. Zinc plating helps to provide good corrosion resistance.

GRAYSTON ENGINEERING are one of the largest suppliers of nuts/bolts/studs-studding/spacer kits and spacer shims in the automotive aftermarket.

Our wheel nuts and wheel bolts are sold in packs of 12, 16, 20 or 24; this will replace all of the bolts on your vehicle (3, 4, 5 or 6 bolts per wheel). In addition to regular bolt packs we also sell mixed security packs that include 4 locking alloy wheel nuts and regular bolts.

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